Non Euclidean Ice And Fire Dragon Fight! :: DragonForge SMP #1

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DragonForge SMP is a multiplayer modded Minecraft survival experience with dragon mods, magic mods, non euclidean immersive portals, create and of course Ice and Fire!
In this first episode we have a plan laid out for our base this season using the non euclidean immersive portals mod and a stronghold, but to get there we need some basic starter gear and wouldn't you know it we find our first Dragon Lair and we use an immersive portal to fight the dragon from a safe plane of existence!

0:00 Intro
2:12 Mining Off Camera And Base Plans
4:10 Intro to Ice and Fire, the first Dragon!
5:53 Starter House
7:23 Nether Immersive Portal
8:52 Trinkets Mod
11:05 Easy Villager Mod
12:27 The End?
14:08 Non Euclidean Dragon Fight!
16:55 Ding Dong The Dragons Dead!
18:28 Trying to hatch a Dragon the wrong way

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Meet the Members:
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KaleHameron - ​
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