NOCTURNE Trailers (1998-2002) PC Survival Horror Game

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"Who will protect the world from darkness?" "We will."
Trailers from Terminal Reality's Magnum Opus: Nocturne. Survival Horror game. If you've played "BloodRayne", it was supposed to be Nocturne 2 and ended up becoming the spiritual successor. The Blair Witch Trilogy from 2000 is technically the true "Nocturne 2", as it has some of the same characters in the first part, so I included its trailer here. This is a game EVERY horror fan needs to play, hopefully my future review will give it some good coverage. The pre release trailers split into 4 parts were all from 1999 and are included on the first disc of all copies of Nocturne. I *REALLY* love how freakin creepy they made these trailers too, all the live action stuff gives it this campy slasher feel to it and I can't help but admire it. No other horror game had trailers that genuinely felt like you were watching a horror movie. Also rest in peace Lynn Mathis who gave his voice talents to the main character "Stranger" and passed away back in 2003. You will be missed and even if we get a reboot or remake or whatever, it won't quite be the same without you voicing Stranger.

00:00 - Announcement Trailer (1998)
00:41 - Teaser Trailer (1998)
02:20 - Pre Release Trailer Part 1: Introducing Stranger & The Spookhouse
04:31 - Pre Release Trailer Part 2: Introducing Colonel Cedric Hapscomb
05:57 - Pre Release Trailer Part 3: Introducing Svetlana
07:54 - Pre Release Trailer Part 4: Intro Cinema/Gameplay
09:36 - Blair With Trilogy Trailer (2000)
11:00 - Nocturne 2 Conceptual/Engine Trailer from 2002 (Went on to BloodRayne)
Blair Witch
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