Night Fae Havoc DH/Shadow Priest PvP | Rated 2v2 Arena | Patch 9.0.5

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Hello all, sorry for the break. School and work have had me quite busy. I main a Havoc DH this expac and love it. I just started alting a Troll Feral Druid on the horde side. I am also leveling my Prot Warrior, just wanted to try something different for now. Garthak will be back in the Arena soon. Please LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT and most importantly SUBSCRIBE! Hope you all have a great rest of your night! Thanks for watching!
1. Felblade
2. Insatiable Hunger
3. Unbound Chaos
4. Soul Rending
5. First Blood
6. Fel Eruption
7. Momentum
PvP Talents:
1. Detainment
2. Cover of Darkness
3. Mortal Rush
Shadow Warrior 2
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