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00:00 intro

00:07 nice
BlanksFPS -

BlockJump -

blue_squadron -

01:09 WarriorArshaAwaken
BiceptimusPrime -

01:40 skin foda
BiceptimusPrime -

01:59 Howi is all of stray.
Broveku -

02:29 No adamantine = Real man.
DauDau97 -

03:30 heal önemli
TaYKi4 -

03:54 Perfect french
BiceptimusPrime -

04:18 31hahaxd
BiceptimusPrime -

04:49 super deep
Heedun -

04:55 d*g sh*t fkin guild
crispylumpy -

05:07 icymist
Macilus -

05:56 MONTAGE??
BlockJump -

06:03 x) fair
Heedun -

06:11 kind of a gamer
blue_squadron -

06:28 busted
ReespoHD -

06:41 EZ mode
xGangyeol -

07:05 wtf is she even doing??
crispylumpy -

07:34 Poncho induced PTSD.
blue_squadron -

08:05 a
Heedun -

08:14 Flanked
Hunter2602_ -

08:23 ^.^
hunterjuju -

For those of you that don't know what Black Desert is it's a visually stunning MMORPG with incredible action combat set in a massive open world, the game is buy to play with an "optional" subscription fee and a heavily pay to win cash shop, To level up in Black Desert you grind mobs instead of completing quests and the end game content on offer is in the form of PVP node wars and castle sieges.

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