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This ranking system is an EloBot in our discord that anybody is welcome to come play. If you want to get to the rank Elite and have a chance to play with pro players and other very good ranked players you have to grind through the regular elo and rank up. The players in this discord under the elite title are better than a Master's Ranked player. Don't worry if you aren't that good yet, this is also the best place for you to practice and get better at the game!

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Gears 5 Sensitivity - 30-30-17-10-1-10 (Xbox Series X)
Gears 5 Sensitivity - 30-30-20-10-1-1 (PC + 90 FOV)

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Follow me to stay up to date with the latest Gears of War 5 Entertainment. Video uploaded by Avexys Rise AveX Gears of War 5 funny moments, gears montages, gears of war best players. Gears of War 4, Gears 5 best wallbounce, best movement, mlg gears pro
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