Mass Effect Legendary Edition Tips & Tricks Guide: 10 Things You Should Know (Mass Effect 1)

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Tips & Tricks Guide: 10 Things All Players Should Know (Mass Effect 1 Beginner Guide) In this Mass Effect Tips and Tricks Guide: 10 Things All Players Should Know, I’ll be talking about several things that can make your Mass Effect 1 experience much better. Mass Effect 1 is an action-packed RPG with multiple Skills, Weapons and Armor customizations to strengthen your Squad. You can save yourself a lot of time by understanding the basic concepts of how the game works, and what you should be doing in specific scenarios.


In Mass Effect Legendary Edition, players will choose their Military Specialization or Class, which will determine the way they play the game from start to finish. They will then select the Skills or Talents and Abilities for their character, as well as the Weapons, Armor, and Mods to improve their builds. Despite how straightforward Mass Effect 1 seems, there are a couple of strategies that are relevant when it comes to choosing the right Class, as well as finishing quests in order to gain the right amount of XP and successfully fighting enemies. I’ll be dividing this Guide into three major sections, specifically, Character Creation, Character Advancement, and Combat.

0:00 - 10 Things All Players Should Know ME1
0:48 - 10. Identify The Best Class For Your Playstyle
3:16 - 9. Take Advantage of Weapon Proficiency & Bonuses
4:26 - 8. Turn Auto Level-Up Off
5:08 - 7. Gather Your Squad
6:32 - 6. Complete As Many Assignments As You Can
6:54 - 5. Manage Your Inventory
7:35 - 4. Shoot With The Mako
7:55 - 3. Always Upgrade Your Gear
8:26 - 2. Bring the Right Squadmates With You
8:54 - 1. Utilize Shields, Covers and Fatigue

Soldiers – They are Combat Specialists because they can masterfully wield all Weapons. As such, they have the highest Weapon Damage output of any Class regardless of their proximity from the enemy. Soldiers also have the highest durability since they’re the only Classes that can equip Heavy Armor. Additionally, they have high HP and they can naturally regenerate it at a faster rate.

Engineers – They are Tech Specialists who hack into computer systems and repair the Mako, which is a vehicle used for exploring planets. In combat, their forte lies in debuffing enemies by weakening the effectiveness of their Weapons and Shields. They can only wear Light Armor, making it imperative that they stay away from enemies.

Adepts – They are Biotic Specialists who utilize mass effect force fields in order to employ crowd control techniques and to disable enemies while dealing massive amounts of damage. Like the Engineer, they can only equip Light Armor.

Infiltrators – They are Combat and Tech Specialists who are masters of quickly eliminating and disabling enemies at mid and long-range distances. Unlike Engineers, they focus on a multitude of Skills including a mix of decryption and firepower. The Infiltrator is an excellent Class to play if you prefer to deal multiple head shots from afar thanks to their Sniper Rifle Proficiency.

Vanguards – They are Combat and Biotic Specialists who rush towards enemies and unlike Infiltrators, they take them down quickly and aggressively at close-range. They can also equip Medium Armor, and they can further enhance their durability with Biotic Abilities.

Sentinels – They are Tech and Biotic Specialists who make use of advanced healing and debuffing Abilities to fully support their Squad in combat. I wouldn’t recommend the Sentinel Class if you’re new to Mass Effect 1 because it’s difficult to master. Most of the time, you’ll be relying on Squadmates or Companions to inflict high firepower damage

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