Mass Effect Legendary Edition Build Guide: Soldier (Mass Effect 1)

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Build Guide: Soldier (Mass Effect 1)
In this Mass Effect Legendary Edition Build Guide I’m going to cover my Soldier Build for Mass Effect 1, which is a Soldier Build well-suited for any combat range. I’ll be sharing the best Talents to prioritize, what it means to choose the Commando Specialization for your Soldier, the optimal Weapons, Armor, and Mods to equip, and the Squadmates to take with you on Missions and Assignments. If you’ve been looking for a way to optimally play as a Soldier then this Guide is for you.


0:00 - Mass Effect Build Intro
0:20 - Commando Soldier Build Guide
1:05 - Commando Soldier Talents and Abilities
5:30 - Commando Specialization
6:50 - Squadmates
8:42 - Commando Soldier Weapons and Mods
10:08 - Commando Soldier Armor and Mods
11:00 - Final Tips

The Soldier Class specializes in shooting enemies from any distance thanks to their proficiency with all Weapons. As a result, they have access to all Weapon Talents and Abilities, which are used as finishers for both protected and unprotected enemies. The versatility of Pistols and Assault Rifles allows this Class to deal powerful damage up close without the need to switch to a Shotgun. Meanwhile, they can easily shoot with an Assault or Sniper Rifle to target enemies from afar.

What makes the Soldier highly resilient is their capability to equip Heavy Armor, which is the only playable Class that can. Coupled with Shield Boost and Immunity, they can avoid death especially in difficult circumstances.

The Commando Soldier Build pushes the power of your Weapon even further by increasing its damage while allowing you to use corresponding Abilities in quick succession due to Adrenaline Burst. This allows you to efficiently kill enemies.

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