LET'S FJ! - Where Do I Begin with Mods? - Modifying your FJ Cruiser! - The FJX2000 List

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Hey everyone! Today on LET'S FJ! we dive into the question that all FJ Cruiser owners ask themselves at one point or another, "Where do I begin?" With so many modifications to choose from, which ones will make your FJ the best it can be and the most off-road capable in the quickest amount of time? That is what my list, or "The FJX2000 List" is for! Check out this list of the first 5 mods you should do and in the order I recommend you get them in.

Links mentioned in the video:
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Complete Lift Comparison Thread:
Wheels & Tires Forum Section:
FJ Specific Wheel/Tire Fitment Guide:
Front Bumper Comparison Thread:
Rear Bumper Comparison Thread:
Skid Plate Comparison Thread:

If you have any questions feel free to comment on the video, or if you don't, you can simply say if you plan on following this list or not. Would love to hear your thoughts and hope you are able to build your own epic FJ Cruiser!

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