Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD - Part 2: Assisting the Residents

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We go around Ordon Village and help out our fellow villagers because we're nice like that!

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Following Wind Waker's poor reception when it came out, Nintendo went back to basics on what made 3D Zelda titles a critical success. With their intention to appeal to the Western audience's demands, they returned to a more realistic look with Twilight Princess!

One of the GameCube's last titles AND A launch game for the Wii, TP sorta serves as a spiritual successor to Ocarina of Time, taking place in a realm similar to the N64 classic. The theme of this story is light and shadow, with Link exiting his home when the land is enveloped in twilight. This game does its best to be darker than the last entry to satisfy the hunger for another title like OoT. While this game didn't quite live up to those standards with some MASSIVELY confusing decisions in story and gameplay, it was a hit upon release and introduced one of the most popular companions in the franchise. (Plus the soundtrack is pretty dang good!)

It even got a spinoff: Link's Crossbow Training, and a presence in Hyrule Warriors. The game got an HD re-release years later, which improved the blurriness and muddy look of the original. Colors look sharper and landscapes looks clearer than before, the game looks more vibrant and defined. It also made use of the GamePad, bringing a different way of how to use the map, items and carrying on the use of amiibo. (Along with a few new additions and changes exclusive to this version.)
Shadow Warrior 2
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