“Landau Quasiparticles in Weak Power-Law Liquids” by Joshuah T. Heath

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The failure of Landau-Fermi liquid theory is often considered a telltale sign of universal, scale-invariant behavior in the emergent field theory of interacting fermions. Nevertheless, there exist borderline cases where weak scale invariance coupled with particle-hole asymmetry can coexist with the Landau quasiparticle paradigm. In this letter, I show explicitly that a Landau-Fermi liquid can exist for weak power-law scaling of the retarded Green's function. Such an exotic variant of the traditional Fermi liquid, although exhibiting a finite quasiparticle weight and large quasiparticle lifetime, is shown to always be incompatible with Luttinger's theorem for any non-trivial scaling. This result yields evidence for a Fermi liquid-like ground state in the high-field, underdoped pseudogap phase of the high-temperature cuprate superconductors.

Authors: Joshuah T. Heath
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