Killing Time (PC) - Full Playthrough | Gameplay and Talk Live Stream #320

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Join me for a full playthrough of the excellent PC version of Killing Time, a non-linear, horror-themed first-person shooter that originally debuted on the 3DO console.

The PC version of the game is more of a reimagining of the 3DO original. While it follows a similar structure overall along with a nearly identical story, there are many more areas to explore, the gameplay and environments are much more advanced, and overall it's just an improved experience through and through. In the coming weeks I will also be back covering the actual 3DO version of the game, which is an interesting beast taken on its own (partly thanks to its horrifically sub-optimal framerate). The PC version here is available for free on Zoom Platform, and can be also purchased on GOG or Steam. Grab the game here:

Time codes:
0:00:00 - Starting Soon
0:10:11 - Introduction
0:16:44 - Game Intro
0:21:47 - Game Start!
1:25:45 - Into the Mansion!
1:51:52 - Cellar, Sewers, and more
2:40:00 - Back into the Mansion
3:16:15 - Hedge Maze
3:38:21 - Cat break!
3:54:00 - Back at it
3:59:50 - Lookout Tower, Mausoleum, Topiary, etc.
4:56:40 - End Game Doors
5:24:40 - Final Boss + Ending
5:31:46 - Outro

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