Is the Nintendo Switch OLED Worth Buying? - REVIEW

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The OLED Nintendo Switch is a small but beautiful upgrade. But is it worth buying at $350? Find out in our review that covers the bigger OLED screen, new speakers, white dock & joy-cons, battery life, and tons more! Including comparisons to the original Nintendo Switch!
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0:00 Intro
1:08 OLED Screen Quality (Black Levels & Vibrancy)
3:03 Outside Sun Test
3:22 Speaker Quality
3:50 Size & Feel
4:08 White Joy-Cons
4:19 New Kickstand
4:58 Labo VR Support
5:19 Battery-Life
5:37 New White Dock
6:10 One Small Complaint
6:28 Is the OLED Worth Buying?

Video by: Andre
Edited by: Chris
Thumbnail by: Tom
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