Is Outriders Endgame Any Good?

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Today we'll be taking a detailed look at one of the most important aspects of any loot game, the Endgame. Expeditions, Challenge Tiers, and more. Let's go! This video is sponsored by NVIDIA. Follow the link to sign up for GeForce NOW at a special discounted rate.

A key element to the longevity of any loot game is the endgame. What's the process like for collecting gear? Is there interesting and unique loot hunt for? Will there be enough replayability in the levels or variety in character builds? These are all pretty common questions for most loot-based games, and Outriders is no different.

I've finished playing through the games campaign, reached the max character level of 30, and have begun the process of End Game myself. Today I'll be showing you what Outriders Endgame looks like, what there is to do, and giving some of my early impressions from what I've seen so far.

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Outriders is an upcoming third person RPG Looter Shooter that's gotten a lot of early comparisons to titles like Destiny, Division, Warframe or Remnant From The Ashes.

The game features 4 classes with unique skills, passives, and playstyles. Plenty of gear to collect as you chase certain stats, traits, and rarities. A wide variety of locations to explore, monsters and bosses to fight. Scaling difficulty progression via world tier system. Character customization. And a fully voiced story campaign.


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