Idiots of NASCAR: Vol. 28 (Cube Special)

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Cube + Random Sound Effect = Cursed.

Happy April 1st! Episode 28 is entirely made of cubes. This is a throwback to the first episodes of the ION series where it was just random sounds with crashing er boxes. However this volume does have a couple Harmless Shenanigans and a Bible Lesson in Racing! I made most of the cubes in this video for the Armory Digital's Cube Mod. Please leave a like, comment, and subscribe.

Game: NASCAR Racing 2003 Season (NR2003), for PC

Here's my cube carset:

Cube mod:

Check out my brother's series, Idiots of Skate:

Jellyfish Fields - Battle for Bikini Bottom OST, Minecraft music, Eric Andre Theme, Toby's Theme, Boogie My Woogie, Bob-Omb Battlefield, Lil Globglogabgalab, Tell Me Who's Watching, Dick Van Dyke Show Theme, Sim City 4 OST, Vino iMovie, Monsters Inc. Scare Island - Urban Pursuit, Everybody Wants to Be a Cat, How Great Thou Art - Dude 2002.

Music from
"Android Sock Hop" by Kevin MacLeod ()
License: CC BY ()

Tracks (in order of appearance):
cynon_rainbow, daytona, Dustbowl, destruction_arena, Black_Hills_Backroads_WCR, daytona_turn4hump, Autumn_Hill_Rally_course, thornton_wcr, drc_wcr, cota_NFF15, CliffsideRealm, NYC15_NFF, yellow01, daytona_night_snow, cake-tin, RainbowPark, Gorilla_Snot_Speedway_WCR, Humpty_Dumpty_Raceway_WCR, Lakeshore Raceway, ZPSpaceport_blastoff, talladega_squeeze, Earsplitter_Expo_Center_WCR, Lakewood WKC, EldoraSpdwy_2011, Yas_Marina_Circuit_n, coca_cola, michigan, Rushmore_Scenic_Byway_WCR, jefferson_day_wcr, proving_grounds2005, Infineon_Eyjix, Daytona_Beach, chicagoland, bermuda, Four_Corners_WCR, Badlands_WCR, Taylor_Swift_Superdome, Daytona_2020_BBMC_Night, bristol_night_hill, shanghai, Mount_Pocono, Rusty's Chicken Farm SS, Texas_2020_Night_apron, fuji_speedway, GVSSR

Da Clipz:
0:00 Intro: Allspark
0:14 Twine
0:16 Go Pro
0:17 Gift Box
0:19 Squidward
0:32 SpongeBob and Patrick
1:14 GameCube
1:19 Minecraft
1:29 Loaded Dice
1:51 Toby the Tram
2:12 Rubik's Cube
2:38 Harmless Shenanigans: Red Brick in the Tunnel
3:11 Tessaract
3:16 Bread Loaf
3:23 Nissan Cube
3:37 Toy Block
3:50 Ice Cube
3:54 Throw the Cheese!
4:05 Crayons
4:12 Little Caesar's Pizza
4:29 CheeseBurger
4:43 Safe! At Second
4:58 Nintendo!
5:08 Microwave
5:20 Books
5:31 Crates
5:39 Holocron + Chance Cube
5:50 Billiards
6:03 Companion Cube
6:29 Treasure
6:42 Washing Machine
6:55 Money
7:01 Amazon Alexa
7:19 Half & Half + Butter
7:35 Ottoman
7:47 Sudoku
8:03 Kleenex
8:14 Toilet Paper
8:27 Aquarium
8:38 Harmless Shenanigans: Battery
9:05 SimCity4
9:11 Infared Heater
9:20 Storage Drawers
9:39 Gaming PC
9:49 File Cabinet + Dumpster
10:05 Chinese TakeOut
10:15 SPAM
10:24 Toaster
10:38 Shed
10:43 Will It Ice Cream Sandwich?
10:47 Bible Lessons In Racing: Luke 9:1-2
11:12 Happy Meal + MCU DVD Set
11:32 Fender Amp
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