I Blew A Hole In MARS!! |Doom Eternal|Gameplay|Review|Reaction|

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The Brown Gamer Presents:
Doom Eternal Gameplay part 8:
Aye yo what's up gang welcome to another gameplay video of the Doom Eternal series. i hope all of you are doing fine. if this is your first time watching my videos then let me introduce myself i am
The Brown Gamer:
and i make gameplay videos so if you like watching gameplay videos and like to play games then subscribe to my channel and don't forget to like my videos. so let me give you a quick recap about this series if you are new here. so basically what we have done so far in thins game is that we have killed two of the hell priest and are locating the third one but he has hidden himself in a location that the slayer could not we had to go save person name Dr Hayden(if you want to know about him then see this video here: ) who will help us find the priest location so after saving him he told us that the priest has gone to the sacred temple of the demons and it is located in the center of MARS so the slayer decided to blow a hole in you heard that right he blew a hole in MARS!!..
so anyways after firing the cannon and blowing up Mars he casually decides to shoot himself in the same cannon to go we are now inside of MARS and will see what happens this was about it you can watch the detailed video 't forget to like and subscribe and i will see you in the next then ...peace out.
DOOM Eternal
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