I am the First Person to Open this Chest | Breath of the Wild

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The great video on the other chests:

Big thanks to ElDuende! Without them, I wouldn't even know this chest existed, let alone the mountains of knowledge leading to this moment.

And thanks to LetMeThinkOfAUsername for letting me know of the wall-jump shield surf that lets you be in the standing-state beneath the water layer.

This was hard. But I think this is the one thing that stopped people from getting "true 100%" in the game. I guess that means I'll have to actually try that now.

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Font used: Calamity Sans, created by 75thTrombone.

0:00 Intro
0:18 Other Tricky Chests
0:31 The "Impossible" Chest
0:54 Why it's so difficult to open
1:51 The Successful Attempt
7:08 Yes, this was worth it.
7:26 Outro
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