HOW THE WRISTS WORK | You've been doing it all WRONG!

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How the wrists should move in the golf swing is one of the most asked questions I receive from viewers wanting to know "The Secret".

Truth is, the wrist motion in golf is a very complex subject and one that has many possible variations depending on a player's grip type and shot shape preference.

However, there is ONE HUGE MISTAKE that the vast majority of golfers are making when it comes to the wrists, wrist hinge, and creating LAG in the golf swing and this video will explain HOW you've been getting it wrong your entire golfing life!!!

This video addresses the main wrist motions in the swing and how they have been misrepresented and misunderstood by golfers for decades. This video will help you if you've suffered with SLICING the ball your entire life, but never understood WHY!

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