HOLIDAY GAMING WEEK - Cities Skylines: How to Make Money Quick - New Lancaster - Episode 56 - DAY 8

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Welcome to Cities by Steven's Cities Skylines let's play where we will build a Canadian themed city with the help of viewers like you! Follow me on social media to stay up to date on the channel.

In this episode we loot at our budget and money situation. As a result we add two new factories, including the best one for making money! We also level up the theme park and add some residential.

This video depicts the building of a city on a map from the Sunset Harbor DLC.

Watch me struggle with the game mechanics too!

Please add any name suggestions, or any comments on what you think the cities background story/setting should be.

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Music: Images of Tomorrow – Unicorn Heads; Song of Mirrors – Unicorn Heads; Digital Secrets – Unicorn Heads
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