Hideous Destructor | Medal of Doom | No Failure Runs | Part 1

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For what seemed like years I've been looking for WW2 themed maps that are compatible with gameplay mods for Doom that aren't just set in the world of Wolfenstein/WolfenDoom. For the longest time, it seemed like the only ones available were Laz Rojas' mapsets, and it it very unfortunate since I have no desire to play the rest of his mandatory secret filled hunk of junk of a series. Rheingold was pretty much the only decent one, and even that's flawed like the crate with the vent where Laz never attempts to inform the player that they can climb those two.

Of course, what I didn't realize was that such a map was staring at me in the face for the longest time as well. Imagine the harshness of the palm that hit my head when I saw this thing sitting right next to the Midwich Elementary map I played aeons back with HDest, from the very same author. Welcome to Medal of Doom, ladies and gents! A mapset that's unfortunately discontinued (it seems, just my luck, huh?) with the main goal to recreate the entire map line of the PS1 Medal of Honor games from the original all the way to Underground. I was most excited when I saw this, as Doom maps that are set in ruined WW2 locations are literally non-existent aside from the heavily customized Blade of Agony. It is quite interesting that there are actually 2 versions of this mappack, the first having 3 complete maps while this one being a revamp of the first map. I'll be playing this one first before resetting my loadout and restarting in the second map from the other mapset. It seemed fair.

To honor (heh) my respects to the map, I decide to run a daring loadout for today. A custom weapon addon from HexaDoken that provides me with an M1 Garand, and 3 extra en-bloc clips. Mhhmm, 8/24, just like how the original went. That is all. No armor, medical equipment, ladders, grenades, not even a DERP. It is time to practice my reflexes and dodging skills as one shot is very likely to put me down without any possible chance to recover. I will however disable the fog that originally permeates this map, 'cause while I do have perseverance, I am not one to hit my head over the wall if it can be helped.

Mods Used:
Medal of Doom (newer version, just the first map):
PSX/N64 HQ Sounds:
Doom Sound Bulb:
Hideous Destructor:
WildWeasel's DRLA Sounds:
Personal DRLA Sounds:
Personal HDest Addons:
Nash's Gore:
Nash's Decals:
Caligari87's HDest Ugly as Sin:
Hexa's HDest M1 Garand:
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