HEAVY-DUTY RV Storage Compartment Doors (Locking Up Our Skoolie Underbody Project)

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The underbody storage project has been a doozy and these storage compartment doors have been very detailed. Testing our skills and seeing what we are made of is part of the journey though.

Would you stick it out through a tedious project? Or would you throw in the towel?!

We're finding that this is an endurance game and the more we make it a game of us versus ourselves, and what we are capable The more fun it is.

Though this underbay storage project seems neverending, the value of having all this space for big components under our feet is massive. If we knew it was going to be this hard, we may have been too scared to get started.

However, if you never get started how will you ever know what you are truly capable of?

It's riskier not to take the plunge. It's riskier to not give yourself & your ideas a shot!

If you can imagine it, then it's yours to make happen. We're right there with you, living on the edge of fear & thriving. Walking the tightrope between the known and unknow.

As humans living this life experience, it's our choice which path we decide to walk or run. It's our choice who we want to BE along with what kind of experience we create for ourselves.

Sometimes its hard and painful, but how exciting would it be if what we wanted was handed to us on a platter?

Get out there, take educated risks, and show yourself what you are capable of!

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Honestly, this bus has been the only sane thing in this insane world. We can't tell you how good it feels to BE working on something that lights our souls up and has such potential for a life that is entwined with nature, love, and happiness.

Our main goal is to explore the depths of who we are and what we're capable of. We hope to inspire people to get off-grid and become self-reliant. We are well on our way and are super excited to talk about solutions with others who are shooting for that path.

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