(Hardest Mod #7) Friday Night Funkin' - Vs Hex Mod (Full Week and Cutscene) (Hard Difficulty)

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Friday Night Funkin' -Vs Hex Mod Gameplay on Hard Difficulty (No Commentary Walkthrough) (Rhythm Game 2021).


Timestamps for all songs with the Vs Hex Mod including bonus week:

[02:56] 1. Cutscene 1 + Dunk
[08:00] 2. Cutscene 2 + Ram
[11:19] 3. Cutscene 3 + Hello World
[14:57] 4. Final Cutscene + Glitcher (Perfect)
[20:54] 5. Unlocking Encore
[22:34] 6. Encore Bonus

PC Specs:

CPU: Intel I7-9750H
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce Rtx 2070
Memory: 16GB DDR4-2666 Dual Channel
Storage: 256GB Nvme SSD + 1TB, 400RPM SSHD
Screen: 1080P IPS 60Hz
Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64 bit.

External Hard Drive (HDD): Seagate Backup Plus Portable 5TB External Hard Drive (HDD) Red USB

External Solid State Drive (SSD): Seagate Barracuda Fast Portable
1TB External Solid State Drive (SSD) - USB (STJM1000400).

Video is recorded with Nvidia GeForce Experience Version

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Game Information:

Uh oh! Your tryin to kiss ur hot girlfriend, but her MEAN and EVIL dad is trying to KILL you! He's an ex-rockstar, the only way to get to his heart? The power of

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