Grid #5 Really bad start! OMG I could just cry! Summer 2021 Reddit RimWorld Contest Challenge

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GamerMom is trying out the Summer 2021 Challenge contest from r/RimWorldp*rn!
Using a specific layout, they will create a base using only 10x10 tiles. Each area has only one function/purpose, including specific types of farms (meds, food, textiles). Any extra rooms must tile out from the original 5x6 diagram (also in 10x10 blocks).
We will start on Phoebe Chillax on Adventure Story mode with 3 really good colonists: Amelie, Leo, and Zoya.
Poor GamerMom, this episode gets off to a really bad start. Not only are we dealing with a Heat Wave the entire episode, but a negative event happens that makes GamerMom want to bang their head against their desk! Later on, we get a couple of nice refugees though, will that be enough to save the day or will our bad luck continue?
We place the blueprints for our basic Hygiene system – if you are still unsure about how to use Dubs Bad Hygiene Mod, this is a good episode to watch to see how it’s all laid out.

Dubs Bad Hygiene Mod can be found here:

Hospitality Mod can be found here:

My Full RimWorld Mod List:

* EdB Prepare Carefully
* Fluffy Breakdown
* Dubs Bad Hygiene
Underground Power Cables
* Run and Gun
* Heatmap
Graphics Settings +
Vanilla Expanded Framework
Vanilla Furniture
Vanilla Cooking
Vanilla Fishing
Vanilla Apparel
Vanilla Animals – Cats/Dogs
Vanilla Animals – Arid Shrubland
Vanilla Animals – Extreme Desert
Vanilla Animals – Boreal Forrest
Vanilla Animals – Tropical Rainforest
Vanilla Animals – Tropical Swamp
Vanilla Animals –Australia
Vanilla Plants Expanded
* Minify Everything
* More Floors
HC Animal Reskins
* Tilled Soil
Avoid Friendly Fire
Door Mat
Stack XXL
Show Hair with Hats
No Sympathy for Prisoners
* Wall Light
Interaction Bubbles
Replace Stuff
Trading Spot
CM Color Coded Mood
Colony Manager
Jobs of Opportunity
* LWM’s Deep Storage
Simple Stockpile Presets
Musical Instruments
* Smart Speed
Labels on Floor
Meals on Wheels
Room Food
Use Bedrolls
Share The Load
* Set Up Camp
TD Enhancement Pack
Simple sidearms
* More Planning
Smarter Construction
Dismiss Trader
Dormitories not Barracks
Smart Medicine
No Mechanoid Raids
No Power Wires
* Snap Out!
Better Pawn Control
* Complex Jobs
Bionic Icons
Night Lights
* Hospitality
* Soft Warm Beds
Fahrenheit and Celsius
Filth Vanishes with Rain and Time
Dress Patients
* Character Editor
Mod Manager
What’s That Mod
Seamless Embrasures
Common Sense

* = especially helpful Mods!
last update: June 2021
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