GRID 2 Very Hard Playthrough - Part 1 - Still Looks Great (PC Max 1440p60)

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The playthrough is here, GRID 2 Played with very hard difficulty, since i want to challenge myself.

GRID 2 is my very first childhood game that i played since launch on xbox 360 and i remember playing it for hours since i was still in elementary school(i was only 12) and completed it. Even though the game is very fun and good in modern era, there is some that is hinder my experience, which will getting into in the next part of the playthrough.

People criticized this game having bad handling, i'm getting used to it since i was played it back in the day.


OS: Windows 10 x86_64
CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 stock
GPU: MSI GTX 1060 3GB Armor OCV1
RAM: 2x8GB GeIL Evo Potenza DDR4
Storage: 2 500GB HDD(one is hitachi, two was WD, both speed are 7200rpm)

NOTE: Early viewers will not have 1440p60 yet, so be warned
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