Grand Theft Auto V 2021

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Grand Theft Auto V 2021 #GTAV #GTA5
2021 - Grand Theft Auto V Redux (Highly Modded)
#2021 - #Grand_Theft_Auto_V #Redux ( #Highly_Modded )
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GTA 5 Redux is a complete overhaul mod for Grand Theft Auto V.

Redux brings major improvements to GTA V in the following areas.

RE-IMAGINE, RE-DESIGN, REDUX. – More than just a graphics overhaul.


100% re-written weather from scratch, no detail has been over-looked. All weather has been carefully crafted to provide a stunning sunrise/sunset, as well evening, night and day. All weathers are made to blend together naturally, and create an image that will leave you breathless.

All weathers are made to blend together naturally, and create an image that will leave you breathless.

-Brand new, real life, company textures for billboards, commercial vehicles, trailers, bus stops, and taxi ads.
-Roads! – (mostly) All road textures are being replaced, with 100% custom normal and specular map textures. Including road damages, crosswalks, sidewalks, curbs, barriers, and more.
-Brand new damage overlay texture.
-New textures for all ground debris, including pop bottles/cans, newspapers, letter scraps etc.
-Muzzle flash, tracers, debris and other destructive/weapon related textures.
-Brand new vehicle dirt textures.
-Altered all headlight textures, removing the old and ugly yellow light with more natural colors.
-Custom ground and rock for large parts of the countryside.
-4k textures: Plants, tree’s, bushes, grass, fire, explosions, particle effects, water, clouds, skydome, and more!


Beautiful visual effects that make the game feel a little more realistic.

-Greatly increased particle count for all related effects.
-All environmental particle effects are now active.
-Ground debris blows with natural force.
-Leaves fall from tree’s, bushes, shrubs, and palms with much more consistency.
-Paper and garbage blow from trash trucks at a higher rate and density.
-Water splash effects manipulated for more realistic reactions.
-All tire and wheel effects have been altered and increased. (water, mud, dirt, dust, grass, burnout, blood, etc)
-Fully altered blood effects. Larger entry and exit wound blood spurts.
-Altered blood animations for improved speed, and spread.
-Adjusted the color of all blood particles for a more natural appeal.


GTA 5 Redux is more than just a graphics overhaul.

-Brand new handling for EVERY SINGLE VEHICLE IN THE GAME! (Including heli’s, planes, boats, etc)
-Corrected suspension and weight of vehicles.
-Adjusted top speed, gear ratio’s, and drive inertia.
-Modified all damage and deformation limits to provide amazing crashes.
-New brake force and drift capabilities.
-New tire friction and traction when on different surfaces. (pavement, dirt, grass, wet/dry, etc.)
-Increased headlight distances, for both low beam and high beam.

Police System

-100% re-configured wanted system, allowing for 5-star military with tanks, 4-star FBI, 3-star swat, and more!
-New, previously un-used law enforcement vehicles added to dispatch. (helicopters, military vehicles, tanks, undercover etc.)
-Officers and military now have new tactics and skill, more advanced weapon load-outs, new ai capabilities, and more!
-Female police added to dispatch, as well as other previously un-used character models.
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