Gears 5 Custom Master Escape (map by Angelm428): Demolitions gameplay on Summit of the Blop 7

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01:30 Act 1
10:11 Act 2
19:00 Act 3
31:10 Act 4
43:50 Act 5

43:00 invisible bastion warden
30:10 Warden triple kill

5 acts, only about 5 minutes of this showcases fails. This hive was another grind and we had to be pretty solid as a team.

After finishing Summit of the Blop 13 we wanted to finish the others. We cleared 1-4 easily. 5 and 6 are impossible on Master (until proven otherwise). We were able to finish 7. This was was surprisingly fair. No venom in any acts. Very challenging hive.

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Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at

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