FERAL DRUID RAMPAGE - Feral Druid PvP - WoW 9.0.2

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Rolling into Temple of Kotmogu on the Feral Druid of course! Ok I know I know I say this all the time, FERAL DRUID PVP IS NUTS!! In this video the wow feral druid rampage continues! Its actually incredible how fun the feral druid is and how powerful the damage and survival abilities are in battlegrounds! Out of all shadowlands druid specs, I will go with feral druid pvp every single time! Shadowlands druid pvp is good all around, but there is something AWESOME about the shadowlands feral druid, like you can't go wrong!

Shadowlands feral druid pvp stands above many other classes in pvp right now, and with how well feral druid pvp I can definitely agree with that sentiment! Feral druid shadowlands pvp, again, is all about bleeding and running with a few stuns and stealths in between! Feral druid shadowlands in pve is honestly not AS good or AS fun, but it still packs a punch. Overall feral shadowlands gameplay is just top notch, and even with the nerf to convoke the it still WRECKS!

Feral shadowlands pvp is just FUN, nothing else to say about it honestly! Enjoy yet another shadowlands feral druid video, tune in again for more druid videos soon, and as always go try feral druid pvp shadowlands, and I will see you next time! Feral druid pvp with a FERAL DRUID RAMPAGE is OUT!

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