Fall asleep fast to DOOM Eternal sounds - ASMR sleep

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A compilation of DOOM Eternal ASMR relaxing ambient sounds to help you fall asleep quickly.

Time stamps:

00:00​ UAC Atlantica Storm
02:04​ Taras Nabad Cave
06:04​ Submerged 1UP
08:04​ Urdak Droids
10:04​ Holt's Blueberry
12:04​ Holt's Ambience
14:04​ It's a Ship
16:03​ Urdak's Crickets
18:01​ Urdak's Portal
19:59​ Tunnel of Immora
21:59​ Urdak's Power
23:58​ Blue Portal
25:58​ Red Portal
27:57​ BFG Ammo
29:56 Sentinel Hammer Ammo
31:59 Meathook Point Green
33:59 Escalation Gore Nest
35:58 Crucible Ammo
37:59 Jump Pad
39:58 Buff Totem
41:57 Cultist Bridge
43:57 SGN Green Portal
45:57 Crucible
47:55 Meathook Point Red
49:55 SGN Heart Beat
51:59 Slayer Gate Gore Nest
54:14 SGN
56:22 Swamp Egg
58:20 Sounds of the Damned

Relaxing sleep music for deep sleeping and stress relief. Fall asleep to beautiful ambience DOOM Eternal sounds and use this relaxing music as sleeping music, soothing meditation music, relaxation music, study music and more.

Sounds used in this video were created by Chad Mossholder and are owned by Bethesda/id Software, all rights go to them.

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