ExtremeRate PS5 Rise Remap Kit // DualSense Controller Scuf Mod NO SOLDERING // Installation Guide

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Here’s how you can hack your Ps5 Controlled. This is a fast installation guide for the Extremerate Rise Remap Kit Paddle mod, NO SOLDERING required. No commentary on the video, just watch and read the subtitles. This is a great mod for FPS gamers looking to get a competitive edge in their PS5 lobbies!

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//Gear I Used in the Video:
//Sony A7ii -
//Godox SL60 Kit -
//Quick Release Plate -
//GEEKOTO Video Tripod -
//MACTREM Camera Tripod -
//YC Pudding RGB Light -

//Desk Setup:
//Standing Desk -
//Edifier Speakers -
//LG 27GL83A Monitor -
//Sony A7II -
//DSLR Arm -
//Mic Stand -
//Sennheiser HD 599 -
//Syba Sonic DAC -
//Digital Clock -
//Foot Rest -
//Mass Drop Alt Mechanical Keyboard -
//ROCCAT Kain 200 AIMO Gaming Mouse -
//Lava Lamp -

Thanks Streambeats for the Dope music!

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