Eviternity + QCDE + Corruption Cards: Map12

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Quake Champions: Doom Edition -

Eviternity -

Corruption Cards - #p1143342

This is a no save-scum UV-MAX playthrough of Eviternity using Quake Champions: Doom Edition and Corruption Cards. Corruption Cards alters the gameplay in twisted ways making it even more challenging than before. Hardcore style is used meaning all card effects stack over each level, adding to the challenge.

Included monster themes for QCDE:
1. Doom (contains Eviternity's monsters)
2. Heretic
3. Hexen
4. Strife
5. Blood
6. Duke Nukem 3D
7. Shadow Warrior
8. Rise of the Triad
9. Blake Stone
10. Merciless Monsters
11. Wicked Monsters
12. In pursuit of greed
13. Ion Fury
14. Doom 64
Shadow Warrior 2
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