Episode 317: A compsognathid with a mane

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In dinosaur news this week: The new compsognathid, Ubirajara, was covered in simple fuzzy feathers, and a few very long ones; The publication of Ubirajara has sparked controversy over its export from Brazil to Germany; A man in Oakland, CA has been making and selling dinosaur menorahs from dinosaur toys for a few years; A sauropod statue was lit up in Glasgow, Virginia complete with a red bulb on its snout; Stirling Scotland has a new outdoor animatronic dinosaur exhibit ; Universal has made some new dinosaur animatronics for their upcoming Beijing Jurassic World attraction; Ark: Survival Evolved is getting a sequel called Ark II, the trailer features Vin Diesel fighting dinosaurs and hominids; A new article discusses how the card game Dinosaurs Attack! was almost made into a movie by Tim Burton; Brian Henson's Dinosaurs is coming to Disney+ on January 29; There is a GoFundMe for Paleontologist Jim Kirkland to help cover some recent medical expenses; A video of a supposed Triceratops getting off a truck in Thailand is definitely a puppet

This week's dinosaur of the day is Protohadros
Ornithopod that lived in the Late Cretaceous in what is now Texas, US
Lived about 95 million years ago
Skull was about 28 in (70 cm) long
Estimated to be 23 ft (7 m) long and weigh 2 tons
Holotype found in the Woodbine Formation in Texas, and includes a partial skull, ribs, hand ungual and neural arch
Holotype was a subadult, so may have gotten bigger
Not clear exactly how it looked based on fragments found
Based on paleoart, looks a lot like Edmontosaurus in body shape
Hind legs were probably longer than the front legs
Could move quadrupedally or bipedally
Had large, deep lower jaws, and snout turned down at the front
Possibly a low-browser, ate swamp plants that grew in delta streams (scooped up plants with its mouth)
Could partially grind food. Had pleurokinesis (cranial joint system) but the back of the skull was still pretty immobile
Type species is Protohadros byrdi

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