Elite Dangerous Odyssey - How to Farm Manufacturing Instructions - Engineering Materials Guide

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Let me show you how to farm Manufacturing Instructions and Elite Dangerous Odyssey engineering materials like a boss! I also show you my engineering materials run that will cap your elite dangerous odyssey engineering materials in no time!

I checked every manufacturing facility in Odyssey and this place is for the Commander who wants low risk with HIGH rewards!

Check any missions board under rescue then look for restore missions. Specifically you want to find a 0 threat for Valenzuela Manufacturing.

Once you have the mission, book a taxi to your missions site. If you don't want to do any combat log the moment you see an enemy. It is VERY rare that they show up but occasionally they do so be aware.

Follow my route to get the most engineering mats loot and manufactured instructions possible! If you want to speed run just the instructions then you can complete the run from beginning to end in under 4 minutes.

Be warry of fire it will wreck you! None of the paths are blocked with fire as shown in the video. Just be careful in the power center. Also don't get greedy and loot the command center. In most cases this will trigger your death by machines and guards. It's better to just leave it alone and stick to the facilities for your manufacturing instruction in Elite Dangerous Odyssey.

Always make sure to have a power regulator on hand or your can't relog over and over! You must take it out at the end each time!

Once you get full on mats go trade them at the bartender for the main things you need. Also the large mats you don't use for upgrades sells for a lot of money. So does some of the downloads. Rule of thumb is if it sounds cool download it. You can tell by the download length if it's good data or not.

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Yellow Box Codes
Container 2 = 0345
Container 3 = 0435

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