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Necrolord Elemental Shaman and Night Fae Holy Priest Arena 2v2
World of Warcraft Shadowlands PvP Elemental Shaman Arena Gameplay with Holy Priest (Shaman POV) Patch
The talents that i am using in these arena games are Earthen Rage / Echo of the Elements, Echoing Shock, Earth Shield, Master of the Elements, Nature's Guardian, Primal Elementalist and Stormkeeper.
The pvp talents that i am using in these arena games are Lightning Lasso, Skyfury Totem and Grounding Totem.
I am playing Necrolord Shaman and my soulbind is Plague Deviser Marileth.
Soulbinds that i am using are Ooz's Frictionless Coating and Ultimate Form.
The conduits that i picked for these games are Tumbling Waves, Vital Accretion, Call of Flame and Thunderous Paws.
Current Legendary : Windspeaker's Lava Resurgence

00:00:00 Holy Paladin & Shadow Priest
00:04:03 Discipline Priest & Havoc Demon Hunter

I hope you enjoyed the gameplay and the overall commentary.
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