Ed Lapiz Preaching 2021 ✅ More Blessings In Giving ✝️ Powerful Of The Bible

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Dear Pamangkins,
Let us to bask in God’s love, walk by His guidance and fellowship with one another 24/7. You can hear and watch Ed Lapiz messages anytime, anywhere and also access the following: Ed Lapiz FB page, Daily Devotions, Daily Quotations, “Isang Tanong Isang Sagot” and other EL resources.

Psalm 19:4 (CEV)
Yet their message reaches all the earth, and it travels around the world. The Spirit must have given the psalmist an early peek into the future — into broadcasting, the internet, and these app when inspiration to write the psalm and prophecy concerning how God’s message would cover the earth was given.

Let us thank God for technology; through it, we can walk together through life following the Spirit and holding each other’s cyber hands!

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