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Installing mods can feel quite complicated when you're starting out, so this is the easiest way I know to get started:

1) Go to
2) Search for 'Script Hook V'. Click on 'Script Hook V + Native Trainer'
3) Check for recent comments, ratings and installation instructions (there should be several million downloads)
4) Click on Download
5) Put the files in a new folder on your computer - you could call it 'mods' for example
6) Copy the files from the 'bin' folder you've downloaded
7) Copy them into the folder where you're GTA V application is found (the .exe file - search in Windows Explorer)
8) Run the game and you're away

I've followed up with a second video with more sophisticated mods which are more complex to install -

Disclaimer: do so at your own risk, do your own research and don't install mods when playing GTA 5 Online or you may well get banned!

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