???? Drifting Birthday Bash: Live ????

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Birthday Livestream this week! We'll be ripping in whatever driving games I want today, including Assetto Corsa and I may throw in some Initial: D Arcade as well????

The best weekly Assetto Corsa drift bash on the internet, answering your questions about cars, driving technique, how to drift, Japan life and whatever else we get into! Car and Server info in the kt-announcements channel of our discord community!

In the Weekly KameTrick Drift Matsuri, we celebrate our love for drifting in Assetto Corsa with mods, packing the online multiplayer servers full of drivers for 3 non-stop hours of sideways, tire shredding tandem drifting. Every week we visit TWO custom tracks ranging from real legends like Meihan, Nikko and Ebisu Minami, to fictional courses including Drift Playground and BattleRidge, using my current favorite mod cars, the WDT Street pack.

Like any good matsuri event, we welcome drivers of all skill levels. Also like all good drift matsuri, tandem is not optional: if you show up to these events you can expect drivers to be on your door almost constantly, especially on the small circuits where we sometimes have a constant train around the entire track. As a result, we almost always have a high degree of advanced drivers showing off clean lead runs and pristine chase and follow runs 4, 5 and even 6+ cars deep!

Tune in every week from 9pm-12am CT to enjoy the drift life, and if you want to get involved, join the KameTrick discord server () and visit the "kt-announcements" channel to collect the mods we're running this week. Cars and Tracks are announced days in advance so drivers car practice, the server password is published at 9pm CT shortly after starting the live stream. I'd be happy to have you at my events and as a member of our community!

Join the Kame Trick Crew:

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