Dragonfable | F2P Inn Series | The Corrupted Seven: Greed

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No DA gear, class, class skills, no DM gear, no perma-rare gear used. Inn gear which are NDA may be used once I unlocked them in order. 5 potions which are available to NDA players may also sometimes be used. Baby Dragon Pet and seasonal rare gear will be used as last resorts since some fights are literally undoable without them for NDAs.

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DISCLAIMER: The time at which you may be seeing these videos may be days, weeks, months or even years after the release. Hence, mechanics of the monster and the equipment used (especially the class) may have already changed since then. As such, the strategy shown in the video may or may not work for you like how it did for me. I also do not claim that the strategy I used is the best one for the fight so follow the videos at your own discretion.


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