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Round 2 of the DPP Ubers hosted by BKC! We have to build our own teams so I made some Dragon Dance Outrage Salamence Offense! It's been a long time since I played DPP Ubers seriously so I apologize for the rough. Really enjoying building teams and playing! Hope you guys enjoy my "return" to tournaments! Make sure you check out BKC the host:

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00:00 The DPP Ubers Invitation Round 2
00:44 MetaWars (WARS)
02:12 Building a team with Lead Garchomp
17:10 Building a Salamence Dual Screens Team
28:10 Building a Team with Choice Band Ho-Oh
43:17 Lead Garchomp Rain Game 1
1:05:32 Dragon Dance Salamence Offense Game 2
1:15:41 Choice Band Ho-Oh Game 3

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