Dragon Ball Z: Fate of the Multiverse 2(New Years 2020 Special)

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*Huge Thanks to HyperShadic6500 for assisting me with choosing the cast like 2019's one. If you haven't' seen the first one yet, go watch it! Link is in the description!*
*Thank you for making 2020 a marvelous one! Let's make 2021 a even better year!*

the first Fate of the Multiverse movie:

Hajime, Peko, Akane, Nekomaru, and Gundham(All Credit goes to Ultimate Hawk):
Pyron(All Credit goes to Vegito1089):
Universe being created(All Credit goes to Vegito1089):
Anti Spiral(All Credit goes to Black Shadow LP):
Heaven Ascended Dio(All Credit goes to Black Shadow LP):

Dio and Anti Spiral have made a new universe filled with heroes and respectically, new villains too. It's up to a new team of heroes to save the multiverse again before all is doomed. Can Dai, a young warrior win against these odds with the help of his allies? Grab your Popcorn, get your drinks, and enjoy Fate of the Multiverse 2!
Shadow Warrior 2
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