Dopelord - Reality Dagger (EP 2021)

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Reality Dagger (EP 2021)

Green Plague Records

1. Dark Coils 00:00
2. Your Blood 05:47
3. Reality Dagger 10:51
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Haldor Grunberg (Behemoth, Blaze of Perdition), Reality Dagger is a three-track mercy stab for those of us in lockdown and continues the band's "tune slow, play slow" mantra while simultaneously dipping their phalanges back into the cesspools of harsh vocals, sludge metal, and murderous psychedelia.

"Some of the ideas on Reality Dagger are several years old," says the band. "Piotrek from Weedpecker also tracked a solo that is Josh Homme's wet dream. Can you guess which one?"

Founded in Lublin in late 2010, DOPELORD has honed their craft by smoking, rehearsing, and touring through a relentless onslaught of groove and hallucinogens. Inspired by cult classics, 70's music, and magical herbs, the band released their debut Magick Rites in 2012, followed by Black Arts, Riff Worship & Weed Cult in 2014.

After a split with Major Kong two years later, the doom miscreants released 2017's critically-acclaimed Children of the Haze. Flash forward two more years to 2019, DOPELORD released an epic four-way split with Spaceslug, Weedpecker, and Major Kong, making way for their highly-anticipated 2020 opus Sign of the Devil.

Now, DOPELORD readies their next troop of low-tuned psychedelia as the band prepares to release Reality Dagger on multiple formats Feb. 19 via Green Plague Records.

FFO: Electric Wizard, Bezelbong, Dopethrone, Black Sabbath


Paweł Mioduchowski – vocals, guitars
Grzegorz Pawłowski – guitars
Piotr Zin – bass, vocals
Piotr Ochociński – drums
Blair Witch
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