Doom Wads Mods #178:Doom 4 Vanilla (Revisit)

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Talk about going back by four years, Doom's 2016 reboot changed what Doom could actually be and it laid the groundwork for it's follow up which is Doom Eternal, I last covered this mod during my Cacoawards special last and now it's time to revisit this mod, A winner at the 2019 Cacoawards gameplay mod category by 's rip and tear til it is !

Doom 2016 had been remade with the classic Doom in mind, That's what Doom 4 Vanilla does by re-creating enemies, music, levels, mood, ambeince, and brutality of said game with GZDoom in mood, You start with your infinite ammo pistol and can gain every weapon from the 2016 reboot including your shotgun and chainsaw.

This version I am playing is the "newest" Update which contains the following new features:New weapons, A optional add-on with 2016 Doom's OST and various other changes, While I have seen several Doom 2016 mods and a Mod based on Doom Eternal, This mod for me holds true as the best of them.
DOOM Eternal
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