DOOM Retrospective - Pacing Isn't Everything

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I love all of DOOM, but I really did not like the second DLC, and I wanted to provide as much constructive feedback as I can, so maybe TAG2 will become just an outlier and not the new norm.

I wanted to make this video a positive experience rather than a bash, because I do love this game dearly. So there's plenty of love for DOOM and DOOM Eternal all throughout, and hopefully it can be helpful for future map designers and modders to take into consideration when designing encounters. I hope it's also entertaining for those who have no involvement with DOOM.

Apologies for the inconsistent voice over quality. I was kinda learning how to do all of this as I went.
DOOM Eternal mods can be found at the DOOM Eternal Nexusmods website and the DOOM 2016+ Modding Discord server.
All Classic DOOM footage recorded with GZDoom.

0:00 Intro
9:09 Regarding Difficulty
26:43 In Defense of Bad Pacing
55:10 What Makes a Great Classic DOOM Encounter (It's Good to Be Evil)
1:17:07 What Makes a Great DOOM Eternal Encounter
1:30:48 The Ancient Gods Part II
1:51:34 Nerfs
2:03:06 Modding and the Future of DOOM Eternal
DOOM Eternal
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