Doom Eternal-Uac Atlantica Facility Triple Tokens-Gameplay by xspNoble33

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Hugo Hammer sound by insaneOrbb
AWP Precision Bolt sound by Pill
The Cultists' Gold Slayer Skin by Will Ryan
Token Modifiers: Triple Tokens v3 by UberCringe

What are Tokens? (Not to be confused with Praetor Suit Tokens)
Tokens in DOOM 2016 and DOOM Eternal is a system that manages enemy AI attack patterns. Enemies use tokens to determine when they can attack and what kind of attacks they can cast. Meaning that higher token usage allows for more enemies to to attack the player simultaneously.
These mods DO NOT make individual AI attack faster or more aggressive.

Triple Tokens (Makes the game Very Hard):
- Triples the maximum number of tokens and thirds the seconds between token usage, scaled for all difficulties. You will only see a difference in the craziest of maps.

console commands: r_skylighting 0、g_fov 160、hands_fovscale 、hands_offsetx 、hands_offsety 、hands_offsetz
Nightmare Difficulty
Runes: Savagery、Dazed and Confused、Seek and Destroy(No Air Control)
Support Rune: Desperate Punch
DOOM Eternal Freescroll Macro for Bhop
Chainsaw Savagery Mod for Update (Makes the "Savagery" rune speed up chainsaw kills too)
DOOM Eternal
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