Doom Eternal (TAG 2) - World Spear "Revisited" Trailer

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Here's the trailer I made summarizing the events that transpire during the World Spear mission in DOOM Eternal The Ancient Gods Part 2. In my opinion, this is easily the most insane and chaotic level in the DLC.

First of I'd like to thank SPC HC for providing the music used in this trailer. Go check out and subscribe to his channel for some sweet remixes of Doom Eternal's tracks. Here's a link to his channel :

As you will have noticed, the trailer is shorter than my previous ones. The reason for this is that I don't want things to feel dragged out, so this forces me to focus more on the pacing and to go straight to the point. Plus, the average trailer is about the same length, so this is what I want to achieve. I'd say this one came out pretty well! Tried some new effects and transitions to mimic the original trailers too and will focus on improving as time goes on. :)

The next trailer is the one that will be difficult, as there are absolutely no cutscenes in Reclaimed Earth, so I'll have to use a bit a of creativity!

I also wanted to say thank you to all my subscribers! Reaching 1K is definitely a highlight for me and it's also proof that the Doom community is the best in all of gaming! Thank you all for enjoying this videos, I truly mean it when I say that it is very much appreciated!

Now off to work on Reclaimed Earth!

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