Doom Eternal - Master Level Gameplay on Series X

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I uploaded this video just to see what Series X gameplay would look like on YouTube. Gameplay was below average for my standards, but I thought there were some entertaining moments that can make it watchable.

Doom Eternal looks really good on Series X. I've noticed how textures, shadows, and lighting are a lot more crisp and clearer looking than on my base Xbox One. Unfortunately, I don't have a 4k monitor where it can actually look better than what it currently is. I'm sure its running at native 1080p with a very very smooth 60 fps performance.

As far as the Super Gore Nest Master level goes, it's my favorite one for sure. It's very fun with what they did to spice up the combat encounters versus the original map, and at times I do think it can be a little too crazy and chaotic at times, but it is very exhilarating and fun. I hope to see more that doesn't include spirits because man it's so much more fun when you don't have to deal with possessed demons.
DOOM Eternal
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