Doom Eternal in a Nutshell // 60 Second Summary #shorts

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Doom Eternal in 60 seconds. The start of a summary series I've been thinking about for a while, in which I'm going to make a bunch of jokes about games and not really say anything of particular substance.

- Aka, spoiler free.

Why start on Doom Eternal (a year old game) you may ask? well it's what the primary focus of my channel has been on so far, so it made sense to do this first. And I may go back and summaries some of my other favorite games.

The writing of scripts / narration is easy, the issue I have is what is going to be shown on the screen. I struggled to come up with a coherent presentation of the jokes / narration, especially in a vertical format. But hey ho - YouTube shorts are the only videos of mine that get noticed.

I get a week off soon, during that time i will try and bulk record / stream actual letsplays, so I can mix up regular content with shorts.

But anyway, Have a wonderful day.

- Sam

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DOOM Eternal
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