Doom Eternal: Horde Mode [Nightmare]

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My first playthrough of the official doom eternal horde mode. Sorry about the loud horde mode effect sounds at the start, I lowered the volume after about 3 minutes.

Died once during the first round, the rest was deathless, so that's kind of annoying :)

Missed one bonus mission because I missed getting all the coins, probably cost me about 10k score. Barely made gold score at the end so clearly it wasn't very good. I know I lost a ton of score on the other two 2nd bonus score rounds, I managed my ammo horribly and it was just a complete mess.

Doesn't look there is any time bonus, so you can take it as slow as you want. 1000 score per extra life is a bit disappointing, doesn't make too much of a difference if you die a few times.

Overall I'm happy with my first playthrough, no shame in dying to the start when you don't really have any idea what's going on and you haven't gotten used to playing again, heh.

Uploading Mars Core and World Spear UNM no hud next as they are already done when this is finished uploading.

I might try this again, getting a high rank would probably take too much of a time investment though.

edit: 341800 points here:

keybinds and other misc info (written over a year ago, but keybinds are still correct at least):
DOOM Eternal
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