Doom Eternal - 5 More Custom Master Levels [Nightmare][No HUD]

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Just a few more custom master levels/mods for Doom Eternal. Previous video here:

This video is made from 5 segments, 1 for each of the following custom made/modded master levels:
0:00 Reclaimed Earth Unofficial Master Level by proteh - Patch
25:05 Exultia Master Level by beth ()
38:54 Doom Hunter Base Master Level by beth ()
52:48 Nekravol Part 2 Master Level by beth ()
1:01:40 Final Sin Master Level by Kaiser_will ()

Nightmare deathless, no BFG/crucible, and I try to avoid using the chaingun shield too often.
Actual No HUD this time without the hit indicator and lock on.

I think final sin glitched out a bit, used a couple of BFG's but it didn't fix it, I managed to get out eventually. Also no fodder in certain arenas, I was kind of hoping that I'd die so I could do a different ML instead, but whatever, it was the last one I did so I'll just include it even though it wasn't very good, don't bother watching the last 8 minutes, heh.

Gotten a bit more used to the grenade switching sound, so I'm not too lost anymore on which grenade is which. Blood punch fix is really nice, no longer do I have to wonder if blood punch failed or if I just didn't have any available.

Thanks for watching.
DOOM Eternal
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