Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny Review - The Final Verdict

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Disgaea 6 feels like a transitional foundation for future games in the series – if NIS is still around to make them. I’d say it’s most comparable to titles such as Monster Hunter Tri, or Disgaea’s own 3, which at the time made the jump to HD, all of which had to make some pretty big jumps for their series, and ended up losing a lot of what fans had liked about their predecessors.

Disgaea 3 ended up being the foundation for several great, beloved by fans, entries in the franchises that would follow. Hopefully, Disgaea 6 can be that game. There’s a lot here that’s very good, and NIS seems to be on the right track – they just need to be able to build on it. In the here and now, Disgaea 6 itself is good for what it is. It’s not going to be most people’s favorite entry in the series, to be fairly honest, but it’s still a good, addictive, and deep SRPG that should manage to keep people engaged for a very long time.
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