Cops Interrupt "Private Time" --- Caught On Ring Camera!

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Welcome back to the lackluster channel. Today’s story comes from the youtube channel, Blasian941. Mad props for submitting this video, and having the guts to allow me to publish it. You’ll understand in a minute.

Blasain lives in Florida with his roommate. Living with a friend makes private time something to be cherished and used appropriately. No distractions. No intrusions. Just you and yourself. All alone. Doing all alone types of things.

Blasain sat down for a relaxing evening. Turn on his favorite videos and got to work. But his roommate's girlfriend and several members of the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office had other plans for him.

Adam’s roommate was going through a breakup. And to distance himself from the quote “crazy ex-girlfriend”, he blocked her incoming calls and texts.

Unable to contact him, she took it upon herself to call 911, and reported to emergency dispatch that her now ex boyfriend intended to do something drastic.

When the deputies arrived, Blasians roommate had gone out for a drive, never indicating that he was in danger.

After the video ends, the officers pressured to enter the house. Blasian stood his ground and denied them entry. Despite the evidence and testimony that the roommate wasn’t home. Over the radio, dispatch notified the deputies that their target had been found in good health at the local river walk.

The officers continued to press for entry. The were denied and eventually left. It’s a good thing Moxie was a good girl and went to her cage, because cops are like a box of chocolates….

Charges were never brought against the caller. Welfare checks are dangerous. They can be abused comparably to SWATing your favorite YouTuber.

They a great way for police to circumvent the 4rth amendment, and when performed incorrectly, welfare checks may become an overly defensive practice that damages therapeutic relationships, violates patients’ rights, and consumes important and limited community resources.
Thanks again to Blasian for the submission. If you head over there, let him know I sent you.

And thank you for watching. If you have an interaction….

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