Codeforces Round 701 Screencast + All Solutions (A-F) | Rank 34

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Once again, gonna try to not use links. The contest ID (the one that would be in the URL) is 1485.

So a bit slow on the earlier problems, but I picked up the pace a bit later on. Good rank, good result nonetheless. I also appreciate the strong samples; hopefully that detail sticks around in future contests.

Intro/announcements 00:00
A (solving) 01:25
B (solving) 04:54
C (solving) 15:28
D (solving) 37:38
Targeting F 56:13
F (solving) 56:31
E (solving) 1:13:44
Intermission 1:43:53
A (solution) 1:49:12
B (solution) 1:53:38
C (solution) 2:00:28
D (solution) 2:12:53
E (solution + challenge) 2:23:03
F (solution) 2:42:50
Outro 2:55:19
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